Christèle Barois

Dr Christèle Barois

Christèle Barois

University of ViennaDepartment of South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies, Post-Doc

Christèle Barois is an indologist specialized in ancient and medieval Hinduism through Purāṇic literature and South Indian Śaiva Tantras. Her recent work includes a study of the final section of the Śivapurāṇa, the Vāyavīyasaṃhitā (60 chapters, more than 4,500 verses), which was composed in South India in the 11th century and covers a wide range of topics (cosmogony, mythology, Śaiva doctrine and ritual, śaivayoga).

Christèle joined the project in July 2015, and will examine the links between āyurveda, yoga and alchemy in texts belonging to the Śaivayoga and Haṭhayoga traditions, focussing on processes, time and place of the practices.

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