Suzanne Newcombe speaks on 'The Body in Contemporary Yoga and Ayurveda'


Suzanne Newcombe speaks on 'The Body in Contemporary Yoga and Ayurveda'

Suzanne Newcombe will speak on The Body in Contemporary Yoga and Ayurveda

Inform Seminar, Health and Healing in Minority Religions, in conjunction with the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, King’s College, London.
Saturday 24th November 2018, 10am-5pm (registration at 9.30). Bush House Lecture Theatre 1, King’s College, London, 30 Aldwych, London, WC2B 4BG.

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Abstract: This paper will argue that contemporary yoga milieus offer several different models of understanding the body. The focus for Ayurveda, the dominant form of traditional medicine on the sub-continent, is on the imbalances between constituent elements of the body; much of contemporary Ayruveda focuses on the theory of three doṣa (substances which circulate within the body). In contrast, yoga traditions historically offered a distinct understanding of the body focused on energy channels and increasingly subtle bodies (kośas). Historically, the observation and manipulation of these subtle bodies are primarily important in relationship to the goal of ultimate liberation (mokṣa). Contemporary practitioners may make reference to all of these models of the body. However, I will argue that the model of the body which is privileged above others for most contemporary practitioners is that of the subjective, experiential body. This paper will briefly outline these different conceptual models before considering how contemporary practitioners negotiate illness and healing alongside the biomedical understanding of a body.

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